For your Work Force

doctor_phone-1Employees Save Money, Save Time, On-The-Go and Online with Meridian HSN Telemedicine Services

  • With Meridian HSN Telemedicine your work force has immediate access to a nationwide network of US Board Certified physicians, available for live visits over mobile or web, whenever you need them and you can select your doctor.
  • With a telemedicine account, they don’t have to wait for the doctor’s office to open.
  • They can have a visit in minutes using their computer, tablet or phone.

Up to 70% of direct Primary Care Physician visits and ER visits can be replaced by Telemedicine.


Meridian HSN Telemedicine Plan Details

Telemedicine Physician Consults – Physician consults are based on where you are located when you call in and those consults are governed by that state.

Prescriptions – During or after a Telemedicine visit, providers can send prescriptions and recommendations for over-the-counter (OTC) medications to a pharmacy of your choice. Video visits are required for most states to have prescriptions as part of your treatment.

What conditions are appropriate for an online doctor visit:
Telemedicine offers urgent care for the following conditions: Cough, Sinus Infection, Sore Throat, Back Pain, Bronchitis, Vomiting, Diarrhea, Sprains/Strains, Fever, Pinkeye, Cold & Flu, Skin Conditions, UTI, Headache, Influenza, Rashes, Weight Concerns, Smoking Cessation, Depression, Anxiety and other conditions.

Our Telemedicine program also includes Online Therapy and Nutritional Counseling
With our Telemedicine program you have access to: $25 for dietician visits; $79 for social worker/masters level behavioral health professional, and $95 behavioral health visit with a professional with a PhD/PsyD.*

Telehealth is a covered benefit for over 50 million of our members
Health plans like United, Anthem, Highmark, and many Blue Cross Blue Shield plans are offering Telehealth/Telemedicine visits as a covered benefit at a reduced rate. To see if you’re covered, enter your plan and subscriber ID before you have a visit. We’ll automatically work with your plan to give you the lowest out of pocket expenses.

What to expect during your Telemedicine visit
Most doctor visits take about 10 minutes, but you can always add time if you need to. Doctors on Amwell can review your history, answer questions, diagnose, treat and even prescribe medication. Prescriptions will be sent to your pharmacy of choice.

*Prices subject to change by the provider

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“Instead of taking off more time from work, I simply shut the door to my office and saw a doctor online … Within 10 minutes I had gotten a prescription antibiotic called into the pharmacy down the street.”
— Business Man