Frequently Asked Questions

What is Meridian HSN Telemedicine?

Meridian HSN Telemedicine is a faster, easier way to see a doctor. You can have video visits with a doctor anytime. It’s easy to use, private, and secure.

What does your telemedicine offer?

Meridian HSN Telemedicine offers your choice of trusted, U.S. board-certified doctors with video visits using the web or mobile app, online medical consultation and diagnosis and even prescriptions when appropriate and allowed by state.

Can I use this telemedicine program at night?

Meridian HSN Telemedicine can be used any time, day or night. It’s perfect when your doctor’s office is closed, you’re too sick or busy to see someone in person, or even when you’re traveling.

What can doctors treat with Meridian HSN Telemedicine?

You can take care of most common issues like colds, flu, fever, rash, abdominal pain, sinusitis, pinkeye, ear infection and migraines.

When would I use Meridian HSN Telemedicine?

Times when you might use Meridian HSN Telemedicine would be:

  • I should probably see a doctor, but can’t fit it into my schedule
  • My doctor’s office is closed
  • I feel too sick to drive
  • I have children at home and don’t want to bring them with me
  • It’s difficult for me to get a doctor’s appointment
  • I’m on business travel and stuck in a hotel room