About Meridian HSN and our Business-2-Business Services

Meridian HSN is a national Health Care and Wellness Plan Management Company featuring our Education, Assessment and Implementation services.

Our network has been in place since 2000 beginning as a national provider of out-patient services for hospitals, physicians and patients through our providers such as the American Red Cross Caregiver Education, Easter Seals Senior Service programs, national PT/OT/Disease management and senior service organizations.

Our network has and is still led by our Meridian HSN Health Education, Assessment and Implementation teams in combination with your national and local health care plan and wellness providers.

Meridian HSN’s business-2-business service model offers Work-Life Guidance Resources in conjunction with Telemedicine programs. Businesses and health care providers are challenged by Federal and State tax and enforcement rules in designing and reporting under new and amended PPACA and Workplace Incentive plans. Companies are dealing with increased premiums, high deductibles and co-pays with less benefits. Many consumers face these same challenges.

Our goal with Meridian HSN Telemedicine Powered by Amwell is to offer guidance to consumers on when, how, and where to go for daily health issues. The Telemedicine health care channel delivered through phone, on-line and smart phone is a smart choice for consumers to use to supplement their regular insurance plan.



“… At the urging of my friend, I downloaded the app on my iPad, and chose a doctor … I loaded the dishwasher while I waited, and still kept an eye on my kids. It put me at ease knowing I took care of my issue. One more thing to check off my list!”
— Busy mother